Chichibu 2012 Single Malt Cask #1771 - Whisky Talk 2020

Chichibu / Ichiro's Malt - Vintage 2012

Chichibu 2012 -  #1771 - Whisky Talk 2020

Chichibu Single Malt Cask #1771
Chichibu Single Malt Cask #1771
  • Distillery: Chichibu
  • Categorie: Japanese Single Malt Cask
  • Series: The Moon and the Losing Animal Series 10th Ezo Chipmunk
  • Vintage: 2012
  • Bottled: 2019
  • Bottled for: Whisky Talk 2020 Fukuoka
  • Cask Number: #1771
  • Cask-Typ: Bourbon Barrel
  • Number of Bottles: 183 Bottles
  • Uncolored: Yes
  • Non-Chillfiltered : Yes
  • Strength: 62,2% Vol.
  • Size: 700 ml
  • Orgin: Japan

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  • #1

    stevenczarny@gmail.com (Mittwoch, 26 August 2020 15:54)

    How do I get one of these?

  • #2

    Moshe issacs (Donnerstag, 27 August 2020 00:10)

    Dear sirs

    I saw you had the a new chichibu release as a huge fan i was wondering how i can get one of these. I spend a lot each month on whisky and dont mind spending a nice amount if can get more nice things and the chichibu.

    Please do let me know

  • #3

    Yabejojo (Donnerstag, 27 August 2020 09:29)

    Hello Steven, hello Moshe, according to unconfirmed information there will be a raffle for the bottles bottled for Whisky Talk 2020.
    How and where it will take place is unknown to me.

  • #4

    James J (Freitag, 28 August 2020 04:29)

    Usually bottles made for events are sold, generally by raffle (i.e., you get a ticket for a chance to buy a bottle) at the event they're made for, as there's more requests than there are bottles. And/or the bottles are for the attendees of the event, in this case it will be Whisky Talk 2020 Fukuoka. So if you want a bottle, you'd have to head there, assuming COVID hasn't cancelled it. Occasionally, someone who gets a bottle may sell it, so check auction sites. If you just want to try it, most whisky bars in Fukuoka should sell it by the glass.